I think I was spoiled in Northwest Ohio. It seemed to be the restaurant chain proving ground.

Here in Central New York, everything within range is a diner… which isn’t a bad thing. (Wendy’s and McDonald’s are a 45 minute round trip.)

Lunch yesterday was in an amazing historic home converted into a restaurant.

Little York artists make me smile every time I pass Frog Pond Farm

Do you ever have one of those moments as you drive down the highway, where you actually want to stop the car, turn around, and figure out what you just passed? There is a spot on 281 in Little York like that for me. For as secluded as Little York is… this is my little dose of daily culture.

The Ferro’s are a family team who create art. I can always remember their last name, because they are best known for their metalwork sculptures out of ferrous material. (Pretty awesome coincidence… don’t you think?!) They work in all sorts of mediums and have pieces exhibited in the US & Europe.

It’s like a little zoo of recycled metal turned gorilla, giraffe, and moose. They call it Frog Pond Farm.