Cardboard Boat Regatta

When we moved to this area before the pandemic, this was the first event we attended because of the absurdity of creating water vessels out of cardboard.

It did not disappoint. I can see why the Chamber of Commerce organized it every year.

Races had three sets of adventurers who paddled their hearts out racing around buoys trying to make it back to the dock first.

They succeeded, sank, laughed, and persisted. We cheered the banana boat on since their family sat next to us. It was a valiant effort thwarted and sunk by a tiki hut boat full of over enthusiastic paddlers.

So fast forward to today, we grabbed our spots on the bleachers, scoped out the boats, grabbed free swag, and waited for the heats to begin.

It’s a timed and survival race. Multiple boats can advance to the finals if they make it back to the dock in one piece. These boats have to last multiple races. At the end they have a no-touch, splashing, demolition derby where the most seaworthy survivor wins.

The Gyarados boat was a hit with my Pokémon obsessed daughter. Unlike its namesake, this boat’s seaworthiness is questionable.

Sunk at the dock

Pirate ship was a hit too!

Tractor train rides took a spin up and down the access road.

Automatic entry for the titanic award
These girls in the youth bracket took FOREVER but persisted. Four adults poured 100 lbs of water and a fish from their boat when pulling it back onto the dock.
The road crew (fills potholes and works on landscaping) smoked police and fire crews for the city division.
Most artistic boats
My friends won their heat

It proved to be a long morning in the sun with cranky, hungry children. So although I would have like to stay for the demolition derby, I had to head home. Hopefully a year from now, my kids and I will have a boat (or boats) to enter.

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