Love wins

When my brother was in junior high and high school, he had a major crush on this girl. He never told anyone.

She had a crush on him, and none of her friends, whom she told, told him. She sat by him in classes and conveniently used all her super cool high school moves to try to gain his attention. She doodled hearts around his head in the yearbook.

Nothing ever happened.

. . .

Here we are 20 years later, they met and fell head-over-heels in love. Both of them being divorced, they knew what to do differently to make this one work and what really matters in the long run.

When they started planning their wedding, she asked him “What day has meaning for you? When do you want to get married?”

To which he replied, April 20th. His own words from the wedding page:

I would also like to take the time to explain the significance of the date we chose for our wedding. On 4/20/2006, two of my friends were tragically killed in a plane crash. The day itself has always been filled with grief and sadness for me. I feared that this day would always remain one of sorrow if I did not change it for the better. With that an idea emerged. I want to honor my friends. I want to celebrate their lives and the influence they continue to have on me. I also want to further celebrate this day, by marrying a woman that I truly feel has saved my life. She has given me an endless amount of joy, hope, and love. I truly have never been happier.

With that being said, in lieu of gifts, we would like you to consider making a donation to the Robert C Samels and Christy B Carducci scholarship fund at Bowling Green State University. Thank you.

So that’s what I am doing next weekend. I’m celebrating and rewriting the day with my family to honor lost friends.

The Missing Prompt

After a very pleasant conversation with a friend and colleague, Michelle, I’ve come to realize the source of my blogging inconsistency may have less to do with the busy schedule as the mom of two toddlers who works full time, but more to do with a missing prompt.

I encourage you all to think about one thing you care passionately about and write about it.

I’ve chosen my prompt and will dedicate future posts to improving technical writing. I won’t be deleting my old posts (even the ones of my fuzzy bunny Monty Python slippers), because the journey to this realization is important to me.

EDIT: Ok, so the mom of two toddlers part is definitely a part of it. 08-25-14

Love that inspires me

The grandmother of a friend passed away. She posted a picture of her grandparents with the caption: “They eloped 3 times, because her parents kept getting the marriage annulled. They were married 75 years.”

Wow. Talk about commitment and dedication! Epic love stories are built on those kinds of beginnings.