Schumann and Should Nots

I’ve always gravitated toward the piano. I play for me, not for concerts or recitals. I studied with my mom during elementary school (she was a music therapy major, sang in a band, played guitar and piano). When I played her last college piece and she wanted me to keep progressing, she arranged lessons withContinue reading “Schumann and Should Nots”

So I made the “Christmas Crack” recipe that’s floating around Facebook

It all started with an over abundance of saltine crackers from Wendy’s. Am I going to use these? They’re going to go to waste! Then epiphany. I should make that dessert that has saltines as the base. Now that I have, there’s only: It went together quickly. I’ll admit it was salty and sweet, butContinue reading “So I made the “Christmas Crack” recipe that’s floating around Facebook”