Hopefully March is better

The last month has been rough. And by rough I mean, it’s been a series of rolling crises. I had a fun meetup with my team from work in Barcelona. I was exhausted, but glad to have some downtime with friends while coworking and talking about the future. Upon arrival at home, I found out my dad’s blood sugar spiked to 400 plus while I was away and he was having trouble waking up one morning. If I hadn’t hired a babysitter for every other day while I was away, I think my mom would have lost her mind and asked that I fly back. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad she didn’t tell me about the incident while I was there.

A few days later, everyone came down with strep throat in 3 day increments and had to go on antibiotics. Most of the morning of my birthday was spent at Ready Care trying to get myself medicine over the weekend so I didn’t feel like crap and could actually celebrate. (tl;dr: I fell asleep next to the humidifier after dinner.) By that time after having everyone sick for the last two weeks, we were behind on our chores.

I boiled or replaced toothbrushes and started in on the bedding and clothes. Just when I needed to sterilize everything the washer broke. Two weeks of laundry was too much to deal with while we waited for the new washer/dryer to be delivered and installed, so I spent a day at the laundromat with my mom. The new washer/dryer arrived and everything started going back to normal. Things were great for 3 days.

This past Thursday, I went to bed late and found a puddle on my brother’s oak desk, looked up and saw the water dripping from the ceiling. I grabbed some towels and a bucket and triaged the downstairs. Good enough? Yes, ok UPSTAIRS!

Upstairs I found the leak behind the new washer/dryer. It was dripping faster than a heartbeat and I barely saw any water on the floor. 😦 After turning off the water supplies, throwing down towels and a bucket, I thought “I’m not going to be much use tomorrow if it’s 3am and there’s more hiding that I haven’t found.”

The next morning (i.e. less than 4 hours later), I got the kids off to school, kicked off my shoes at the front door and walked to the kitchen but noticed my socks were suddenly wet. Sarcastic YAY! I scrambled to go find a Bissell wet vac and some box fans at the local hardware store. Most of Friday was spent moving the sweeper incrementally by inches across the carpet for hours. The remediators who came said I could have put them out of business with how well of a job I did in the dining room. We couldn’t save the laundry room though.

So today I see bare subfloor. The cabinet is ripped out with the utility sink. All the tile is gone. The new washer/dryer are covered and protected standing guard in the hallways, keeping small children from peeking through the construction. I still can’t do laundry. The hum of industrial fans is starting to sound normal, but working with a dust mask on to keep from sneezing/coughing is the pits (especially with glasses).

Trying to find some fun things out of the house to do, I came up with a reading scavenger hunt for my kids. They loved it. I think I’ll try it again when it’s warmer and we can find flowers.

scavengerhunt1 scavengerhunt2

I’m trying to stay positive, but everything around me is like a displaced torn-up maze of relocated furniture.

I could use some happy thoughts sent my way if you’ve got them.

Published by Andrea Lee Bishop

Andrea (pronounced On-dree-ah) leads Automattic's wpvip.com Support Leads and works in hiring. She's a fixer, traveler, mom, math geek, aspiring-polyglot, musician, and coffee lover.

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