Down 15 pounds with only an app

My Achilles tendinitis has been the most frustrating injury I’ve ever incurred. Everything else has healed or is manageable. This just keeps getting re-injured and needing ice or heat for going on 7 months.

I saw the weight adding on and knew I needed to do something about it. I installed MyFitnessPal by Under Armor and couldn’t be happier.

If you’ve never used the app, it’s like a food diary that reminds you how much you’ve consumed in relation to your goals and gives you optionally a chance to eat more if you exercise.

I can be honest about that glass of wine or Tandoori TV dinner. Most of the time I use the barcode scanner and enter the portion.

But really cool things can happen when you start combining it with recipe websites. I have the AllRecipes app that I adore.

I can enter my own recipes to see how healthy they really are and import ones from the web.

It scrapes the page and gets the ingredients and measurements. Out of the 5 recipes I’ve imported, I’ve only had to correct one or two ingredients.

But once I enter the number of people the meal serves, I can make healthier choices. like this awesome salmon dinner I made for my family a few nights ago:

It’s nice having the peace of mind that despite the injury I can limit the impact until I find long term exercise options that don’t hurt.

Published by Andrea Lee Bishop

Andrea (pronounced On-dree-ah) leads Automattic's Support Leads and works in hiring. She's a fixer, traveler, mom, math geek, aspiring-polyglot, musician, and coffee lover.

2 thoughts on “Down 15 pounds with only an app

  1. Awesome – I use MyFitnessPal too, and I love (and sometimes hate) it! It helped me lose 37lbs a few years ago, and now I use it just to keep track!

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