Hanging Lake hike

So maybe binge-watching Outlander episodes until 1am the night before leaving at 6:30am for a long hike up to Hanging Lake might not have been the best decision, but it was a fun day.

We started at about 6135 feet and hiked UP another 1200 over the course of 1.2 miles. And when I mean UP, I mean omg why the $@#% is the hardest part at the end?!

The lake is hanging on the edge of the mountain. They’re very concerned about erosion, so no bikes, no dogs, no swimming.
If you ever go, they close it off when the parking lot is full. You need to queue up and wait for others to finish their hike and leave.

I would recommend bringing water, electrolytes, a snack, good hiking shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, extra batteries for your camera or a charger for your phone for pictures, and a hat.


Published by Andrea Lee Bishop

Andrea (pronounced On-dree-ah) leads Automattic's wpvip.com Support Leads and works in hiring. She's a fixer, traveler, mom, math geek, aspiring-polyglot, musician, and coffee lover.

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