My brother said it best

“I am feeling a little bit reflective today. For most of my childhood, I spent a lot of my summers and winters visiting my family in Boston. I would always tell my friends that it was Boston because no one would really recognize the name of small little suburb just outside the city. It kind of makes me sad that everyone with a TV now knows where Watertown is, due to the horrible events that happened this past week at the marathon and in surrounding Boston communities. I do draw comfort from the fact that my family is ok and that everyone knows now how amazing the city and people of Boston and its suburbs are … if you’ve never been to Boston you need to go and visit!! Even though I don’t live there, my heart will always reside there. My heart goes to everyone who has been a part of this tragedy this past week.”

Published by Andrea Lee Bishop

Andrea (pronounced On-dree-ah) leads Automattic's Support Leads and works in hiring. She's a fixer, traveler, mom, math geek, aspiring-polyglot, musician, and coffee lover.

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